Taxation and Accounting Services.


Right and Wrong Accounting Methods

The little pointers that will increase your profits!

Makari & Co. has in place a team of dedicated tax professionals who are focused on delivering timely, quality tax services. As specialist advisers, Makari & Co. is able to help clients navigate the complex tax landscape by providing them with holistic tax solutions that support their commercial objectives.

Makari & Co. corporate tax consultants work closely with clients to ensure that the right mix of industry and technical skills are used in the formation and implementation of tax strategies designed to avoid tax pitfalls and identify tax planning opportunities.

The current climate of taxation reform and changing compliance requirements requires businesses to not just respond quickly, but to be well informed of the liabilities and opportunities available from the ever changing tax environment and Makari & Co. is dedicated to keeping you one step ahead of the relevant tax issues relating to you. Makari & Co. tax specialists undertake regular training to ensure they provide the highest level of service and information on all taxation aspects of your business, including:

  • income tax
  • capital gains tax (CGT)
  • goods and services tax (GST)
  • fringe benefits tax (FBT)
  • payroll tax
  • land tax

Makari & Co. taxation consultants draw on technical and industry expertise to provide invaluable tax advice and solutions to corporations, small and medium-sized businesses and owner-managed businesses including high net worth individuals.

Makari & Co. offers truly integrated taxation solutions for all businesses and provides a seamless service across industries to ensure you meet your compliance requirements. The best accounting doesn’t cost money, it makes you money.

The best accounting doesn’t cost money, it makes you money.

The primary purpose of utilizing the Makari & Co. team in understanding your accounting work is to help you become more profitable. Unfortunately, this often gets lost among the nitty-gritty details and technical jargon that accountants throw around.

The fact is that most business owners don’t care about accounting- they care about performance. Your accounting isn’t doing any good if it’s too complicated to understand, or if it ends up as a pile of reports buried in someone’s drawer.

The truth is all businesses (regardless of size) face the same financial issues: increasing revenues, decreasing expenses, and managing cash flow.

Most companies don’t need rocket science accounting in order to get better financial results. Instead, they need to concentrate on the fundamentals.

At Makari & Co. we truly believe the best accounting helps business owners rise above the details so that they can focus on the big picture. Among other things, it helps them handle day-to-day operations with less stress, provides at-a-glance feedback on how the business is doing, and zeroes in on the critical issues that drive profitability.

In short, Makari & Co. help you improve the way you run your business whilst complying with the full requirement of statutory and commercial regulations and kept abreast of changes to accounting standards.