Business Strategy.


1. What is your destination?

We initially help you to prepare an “Owners Plan” to agree and clarify amongst the owners an overall strategy about the long-term future of the business. Issues covered will include whether the business is likely to be sold or passed on through the family and what the timescale might be.

We also outline what the business should look like in the future – the “size and shape’ needed to meet future objectives. The plan considers the personal needs of each of the owners – the money they will need either through a sale or through extracting cash from the business before retirement.

2. Which route should you take?

If you asked your senior managers individually what were the most important issues facing the business and what needs to be done about them, all their answers should be the same. If you think that wouldn’t be the case or that responses would lack crucial understanding then you need to refocus your management plan to help to identify your business’s key strategies, agreeing priorities and allocating responsibilities.

3. Are you in the right vehicle?

Only when owners’ objectives and business strategies are clear can we address properly the most appropriate structures for the business in relation to tax planning and other purposes, such as maximizing efficiency and minimizing waste.

4. Is the engine tuned regularly?

A regular “service” should now be sufficient to make sure that the structures remain in line with your goals and that agreed actions are implemented.