Business Plans.

Half day diagnostic of your business session
looking at where you are now to help you prioritize your business improvement ideas and to highlight those areas that you have been overlooking

Monthly business development coaching sessions
acting as an independent sounding board for your business improvement ideas and to help ensure that those good ideas are implemented

Analyzing your business strengths and weaknesses and identifying your opportunities and threats
producing an analysis of your current position and developing an action plan based directly on your needs

Benchmarking your business in comparison to your competitors
comparing your business to help you achieve greater profits and competitive advantage and identifying business improvement opportunities

Assisting you to develop a Strategic Business Plan
taking you all the way from your vision for your business, the strategies necessary to achieve the vision and the detailed structure that will deliver the strategies

Key Performance Indicator development
identification of what measurements are essential to improving the performance of your business

Budgeting and Cash flow Forecasting
facilitating a budget process that drives your business and is aligned to your culture whereby your team have strong ownership of your budget

Effective Financial Management
a basic understanding (in plain English!) of the key methods you should be using to diagnose the performance of your business

Assistance when you might be considering a business acquisition
assisting you when you want to buy a business and going through all the financial and non-financial facets of it to provide you with peace of mind

Marketing Plan
helping you to put a strategy to drive your business growth.

Helping you to create a better “Life Balance”
helping you create a better business balance by improving your life balance and assisting you in defining your personal goals and plans